Frequently Asked Questions

What is Read by Robots?

We create audiobooks read by artificial intelligence. We share them via this website and the podcast of the same name.

Aren't these books covered by copyright?

We are careful to seek permission or choose books that are no longer restricted by international copyright rules. We make no claims over the copyright of the original text of the audiobooks we publish. However, we do claim the copyright of the recordings that we've produced.  If you have any queries regarding copyright please contact us at the email address below.

Why do the people reading the audiobooks sound odd?

This project uses deep learning technologies to synthesize natural-sounding human speech. The text from each of the books is initially passed through software written by us to code the narrator's speed and pace. It's then passed to a 3rd party algorithm that makes the audiobook files.

Are the audiobooks free?

At the moment the audiobooks are available without a charge for listening, to keep it that way please support the project, your help is greatly appreciated.

Can I download the audiobooks?

At the moment you are welcome to listen via the website and download them via your podcast app of choice. The native audiobook files are not available for download.

Can I share the audiobooks with my friends or students?

Yes, please share the podcast with your friends, the audiobooks are available for leisure and all education use. Please contact us to request any commercial use of our audio files.

Who's behind Read by Robots?

The show is produced by Steve Blears, a UK-based TV producer and podcaster.  Read by Robots audio files, podcast and website are owned by Bit Famous Ltd.

Contact Read by Robots

Please get in touch with any suggestions, corrections, or queries. Email:

Copyright notice

The written works of literature featured on our podcast and website, to the best of our knowledge, are not restricted by copyright internationally. We (Bit Famous Ltd) make no claim to the copyright ownership of the original texts. Any infringement of such is accidental. However,  the digital audiobook recordings of these featured books are original works produced by Bit Famous Ltd and are protected by international copyright law. They are available for leisure and educational use. Any unauthorised commercial use, sale, reproduction, or distribution of these audiobook recordings without the owner's permission is prohibited.