AI Audiobooks global literacy

The shocking truth about global literacy – Could AI-read books change the game?

AI audiobooks global literacy. Illiteracy is a widespread global crisis that affects 383 million people worldwide (Save the Children), with two-thirds of those impacted being women and girls. As a result, it’s crucial to explore new ways of addressing global literacy rates.
Being unable to read can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, communities, and countries. It can limit access to education, employment, social services and hinder participation in democratic processes and informed decision-making.

How AI is changing the audiobook industry

The rise of AI narrators: How artificial intelligence is changing the audiobook industry

The world of audiobooks is evolving rapidly, and one of the biggest changes is the rise of AI narrators. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is being used to create audiobooks with computer-generated voices that sound almost human-like. This change is revolutionising the audiobook industry and transforming the way people consume and enjoy audiobooks.